It is slow and calm music made mainly on my computer.
No techno, trance or something.
Some people say, it reminds them on movie-scores or ambient.
All songs composed and produced by
Volker Schmid / Waldshuterstr. 8 / D-78176 Blumberg / Germany


11 songs with about 43 minutes

All songs in one ZIP
(mp3, 192 kbps, about 60MB)

Cover (pdf, about 400KB)
CD-Label (pdf, about 400KB)

burn information:

Please ensure, that there is no pause between the tracks.


If you are willing to pay for my music, please read this.


Feedback would be nice. Maybe you want to e-mail me at
sparetime (AT) x-beliebig (point) info
(please replace (AT) with an @ and (point) with a point)


You can hear, copy and spread this album without paying any fees.
The copyright remains by me.

If you want to use a part of this album in a game, broadcast it or have other
ideas than listen, please contact me for permission.

player (only teaser):